Setting Apache2 and lamp under ubuntu 13.10

Hello Everyone I have tried to install apache2 under ubuntu 13.10 and found the following problems first, aptitude, tasksel and gksu are not installed simply open up a terminal and write sudo apt-get install aptitude tasksel then run tasksel and select lamp Server (Linux, Apache2, Php, Mysql). It’s the easiest way of installing lamp server. Read more about Setting Apache2 and lamp under ubuntu 13.10[…]

How to Disable Fingerprint GUI in ubuntu/linux

I have used fingerprint GUI for 1-2 months, but it does not levels with the accuracy of windows 7’s fingerprint detection. To identify myself, I have to swipe my finger 3-4 times for each authentication dialog, and just to tell you, that hurts a lot. To solve the problem I looked for a way to Read more about How to Disable Fingerprint GUI in ubuntu/linux[…]

Star A3000 Andoird Phone, stock rom modified

Star A 3000, a Chinese smartphone based on MTK6516 running Android 2.2 was a good phone. But soon crashed because of low built quality. However, during my play time with it, this phone caused me a lot of problem and having no recovery or a Recovery complete in Chinese took a lot of time to Read more about Star A3000 Andoird Phone, stock rom modified[…]

mysql workbench crash in ubunut 12.04

I don’t know how it started, but soon mysql-workbench started crashing after the first splash screen.I have tried updating to the latest mysql workbench version, but to no avail.Also, purging the current installation and installing from scratch did nothing. However, today I checked for the error, and my advice to those using linux or ubunut Read more about mysql workbench crash in ubunut 12.04[…]

ubuntu and .htaccess file

Assalamu Allaikum It is quite amusing for me to find out that ubuntu’s apache2 does not allow .htaccess override by default Here is a detailed procedure on how to do this… Step 1: First, open the following file using gedit gksudo gedit /etc/apache2/sites-available/default Then Look for the settings  Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews  AllowOverride None  Order Read more about ubuntu and .htaccess file[…]